Powersim Solutions provides the leading system dynamics simulation software, Powersim Studio™, through a reseller arrangement with Powersim Software AS.

Powersim Software has simulation tools that cover all needs for building simulations, running in-depth analyses or distributing solutions. Powersim's suite of products are categorized in the following four groups.

Studio Modeling Tools:

Powersim Software has simulation tools that cover all your needs when building simulations, running in-depth analyses, risk analyses and optimizations. There are several products to suit your needs. Know more ...

Studio Developer Suite:

The Studio Developer Tools allow programmers to include simulations in custom-designed software applications and to distribute custom-made simulations or software applications. Know more ...

Studio End-user Tools:

Powersim Software has end-user tools that let you run in-depth analyses based on simulations created in our modeling tool Powersim Studio Premium. The end-users will get access to all the information that the modeler team has chosen to share through Simulator Presentations. Know more ...

Studio Academic:

Superior functionality, ease-of-use, and affordability make Powersim Studio Academic an excellent choice for students and teachers at accredited educational institutions. Know more ...

Related Services

Studio modeling workshop:

Studio workshops provide simulation training to help you use Powersim Studio effectively to create business simulations for your business need. We offer workshops year-round.

Custom simulation development:

Our modeling and simulation application experts can build a simulation application to meet your needs.

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