Powersim Solutions offers custom designed strategy communication and management training workshops. Participants go through a well-balanced content of lectures and business simulation.

Our workshops can be delivered in-house or off-site at management strategy retreats. All our workshops include: strategic planning tools, team development and coaching, human interaction tools and simulation exercises.

Strategic Visioning

The Strategic Visioning workshop is designed for senior level executives responsible for strategic planning and decision-making, as well as managers responsible for resource allocation and budgeting in marketing, operations, finance, human resources, etc.


  • Engagement – engaging your employees and maintaining their involvement in the strategic planning process; obtaining their input and communicating management’s respect for their ideas.

  • Explanation – getting involved everyone affected by the new strategic initiative to understand why they have to support it and develop confidence in it.

  • Expectation clarity – setting and clarifying what is expected of everyone, in terms of performance and consequences of failure.

  • Feedback – obtaining feedback from the ranks and file in the organization, who otherwise will not be involved in the design of the strategy but are responsible for implementing it.

Leadership Management

The movement from mid-level to executive positions in an organization requires much more cross functional and holistic or total enterprise thinking.

The Leadership Development workshop is designed for managers who have been identified by their organizations as potential candidates for movement into executive ranks within a few years.


Build capacity of future leaders by

  • Developing their leadership skills

  • Enhancing their business acumen

  • Giving them a more cross-functional and holistic/total enterprise view

  • Systemic and thorough understanding of the impact of decisions and actions on the bottom line

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