Powersim Solutions offers in-depth, hands-on workshops to help business managers and consultants reach various levels of expertise in problem conceptualization and dynamic simulation modeling.

Powersim Solutions’ workshops have a business-orientation: participants iteratively work through a recent case study, starting from business problem identification and conceptualization all the way to its dynamic representation in Powersim Studio™ software, with special attention to software functionality. The workshop includes several core topics from the field of strategy simulation. We also incorporate modeling techniques from our experience in providing simulation solutions to clients in various industries. We also encourage participants to bring and work on a case study of their choice during the workshop.


This course is designed to teach participants to use simulation modeling and analysis, to understand the complex dynamics of a business and better plan for the future. At the end of the two day course a participant will get practical knowledge on the following topics.


  • Specifying model objectives: Identifying and defining the problem, specifying model boundary.

  • Conceptualizing a model: Using tools and methodology to capture the dynamics of a business system with causal diagramming.

  • Building a system dynamics model: Defining model components, classifying model variables and constructing the model in the software.

  • Testing and verifying the model: Learning techniques for verification and validation.

  • Tuning and optimizing the model: Utilizing optimization tools with System Dynamics models

  • And more!

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