Learning By Doing

Dynamic simulations, rated highly by corporate trainers and business school professors, provide the best experiential learning. Our simulations have proven to be valuable in revealing links between strategy, operating decisions and performance outcomes. The simulation will also serve as a practice field for developing skills in observing, assessing and engaging in effective conversations. To get the best hands on management learning experience, business simulations ought to mimic the real world as best as possible. Our simulations are built on dynamic simulation modeling platform capturing non-linear relationships, time delays and causal relationships to realistically evaluate the consequences of team decisions on the business outcomes.

Our Customers

  • Business School

    Universities have used our simulations for business acumen and capstone courses. Participants from may companies have gained new understanding of various business linkages that drive business outcomes.

  • Corporate Executive Training

    Our simulations were used during executive retreats and management meetings to bring managers to have intense experience of runnning the company under current business circumstance. Executives gained common understanding on the strategic levers and performance outcomes.

  • Training Companies

    We enable executive training companies with capabilities to use simulation as a hands on learning tool for their participants.

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