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Leading developer of business simulation solutions for business planning and analysis as well as for management training. Offers model hosting platform, sim store for management training and custom simulation development.

Powersim Cloud ExecSims

A Business Simulation Leader

For close to two decades, we have been helping organizations utilize the power of business simulations for scenario analysis, strategic planning and decision support and management training. Our work has spanned a wide range of industries such as oil & gas, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, software, health care and strategy consulting as well as business schools, government, and non-profit sector.

Powersim Model Hosting is an easy to use, end to end solution for making your simulation models built with Powersim Studio available online. Signup for Powersim Cloud now and make your Powersim Studio available on any device reaching wider audience.

Management Training Sim Store

Corporate trainers and business school professors can find the right simulation in our online sim store. Our simulations help improve the decision-making skills of participants under various business situations by engaging them in an interactive and dynamic learning environment.

Custom Simulation Development

We build custom simulations capturing your unique environment for executive education, strategic planning or decision support. Simulation solutions will be customized around your training goals, corporate strategy and competitive landscape.

Strategy Consulting

When you have an important business decision to make, we can help explore profitable opportunities under various scenarios and find a fitting solution. Through effective strategy communication using business simulations, we help in strategy implementation as well.

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