• Sim store for management training

    With our vast experience in developing custom simulations to train executives in large organizations, we have created ready-to-use simulations that will enhance your management education classes. Be it corporate training or business school setup, our simulations offer the best in class, engaged experience-based-learning environment.

  • Proven in corporate training and business schools

    Our simulations have a proven track record of having helped tens of thousands of executives and business school students in gaining strategic insights and improving business acumen. Our sophisticated simulations capture the complex causal linkages in business and the dynamics between them to provide a challenging learning environment with utmost clarity.

  • Close the learning loop

    Debrief is an important step that closes the learning loop. With ExecSims, you are never lost for words while debriefing. The expert advisor that is built-in to the simulation application evaluates the results and offers feedback on the causes and effects related to each participant’s situation. Not only is learning effective in this 'Learning by doing’ paradigm, but also helps retain the knowledge better.

  • Advanced technology

    Our simulations can be accessed using a browser from any device – desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Scalable to large number of participants in parallel sessions. You can also customize the simulation of your choice further to meet your learning objectives better.

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